Only Good News From Iran And Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to send over 85,000 Iranian pilgrims to the next main Haj. By agreement, half the pilgrims will make the trip on Saudi airlines, and the other half on Iranian airlines. Iran has asked Saudi Arabia to consider lowering airfares, and the train fares from Makkah to Medinah. Saudi Arabia may take steps to lower these fares, given that the value of the Iranian rial against the Saudi rial has dropped in recent months. Saudi Arabia will also pay financial compensations to Iranian pilgrims (or their next of kin) who were injured or died as a result of a crane collapse accident during the Umrah Haj season in Makkah in September 2015. Iran and Saudi Arabia are in ongoing talks to provide additional financial compensation to Iranian victims (or their next of kin) of the Mina Haj stampede that happened also in September 2015. The identification of the remaining bodies of Iranians who were killed in the stampede is now complete, thanks to efforts by both Saudi Arabia and Iran to use DNA technologies to identify victims.