Heritage Doll Project

On December 5, a 5th grader from the San Francisco Unified School District interviewed me for his Heritage Doll Project. The project honors America's rich and diverse heritage by encouraging students to interview and make dolls of people they know who moved to the United States.  I will post a picture of the Heritage Doll shortly. 

Read Student's Narrative:

Banafsheh Keynoush is the first to arrive in America from her side of the family. She was born in Iran in 1968. She grew up with a large family and nice grandparents. Life was good until the war with Iraq started in 1980. Life was hard for Banafsheh Keynoush, and on top of that, she lost two of her good friends.

After the war, she wanted to study politics, but the Iranian government would not let women study in that field. She decided to go to America so she could have the freedom to study politics. She went to Cyprus twice to get her student visa. Then from Iran, Banafsheh Keynoush set off to America.

First she flew to Germany and from Germany she flew to Boston in 1996. She had applied and was accepted to Tufts University. She managed to obtain a Master's degree and Ph.D. in politics. Then she moved to San Francisco and wrote a book called "Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes?" Banafsheh Keynoush stayed in San Francisco and continued to work in the field of international politics.